The Autism Law Hub Makes Finding Resources Easier

The Autism Law Hub’s primary goal is to help individuals with autism, their families, and the providers who serve them by collecting into one "hub" legal information regarding access to healthcare, education, employment, residential options, and more. 

This goal is close to home for Dan and Lorri Unumb, who are lawyers and parents of children affected by autism. Dan and Lorri are passionate about working collaboratively with other advocates to improve the lives of people with autism through the power of the law.

The new "Autism Law Hub" website includes a variety of resources:

  • Legal consulting - Regarding Medicaid, insurance coverage, and school authorizations through The Autism Legal Resource Center
  • Training and Workshops - Businesses and organizations can request a workshop on a variety of legal issues, such as autism health insurance law
  • Upcoming Events – We host an annual Autism Law Summit in the fall that brings together hundreds of people who want to improve autism policy and law
  • Speaking Engagements – Our team is happy to help you find speakers to discuss autism-related topics
  • Autism News – Our site compiles and stays up-to-date on important rulings and changes in autism law and policy
  • Resource Library – We make it easier parents, providers, self-advocates, and lawyers to find autism-related cases, statutes, regulations, and more

As we continue the collective journey to autism policy and law reform, we hope that you will find the Autism Law Hub helpful. Contact us or subscribe to stay up-to-date or to request one of our services.

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